Carving initials in the beech trees

Wayne and Charles were best friends, but being brothers, they seemed to feel some inherent desire to “needle” one another. So, unknown to each other, Wayne carved “C.W. + Z.S.” and Charles carved “W.V.W. + Z.S.”

New Technology Improving Outcomes for Heart Failure Patients

Heart failure is not only a financial burden, but the condition reduces the quality of life for patients and can increase their risk of serious and sometimes fatal medical emergencies.

Three Easy Changes You Can Make Today to Meet Your Long-Term Diet Goals

The biggest hurdles to sticking to a new diet are convenience and flavor.

Cancer Survivors Face Workplace Challenges

Cancer affects more than a person’s health, it can impact his or her working life.

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Lani Hall Alpert, whose musical career was temporarily put on hold by a health crisis, is certainly an expert on turning hurdles into personal triumphs.

Tired of the same old? Top ways of bringing new life into your aging home

Going back in time can be a great way to make a house into a home. Of course, you might want to take in a few local home & garden shows before getting too buy focused.

Natural sunscreen are the best forms of sun protection

Protecting your skin is not only important to keep you as youthful looking as possible, it is also necessary for preventing skin cancer and other issues caused by sun exposure.

How to make a healthy candle-lit dinner for two

Creating a romantic candle-lit dinner for two takes forethought and works best when you feel you're giving a gift of love and concern for your partner's happiness.

Childproofing your backyard for the grandkids

Is your backyard a safe haven for your visiting grandkids, or an area rife with pitfalls and hidden dangers? Find out by reading our home safety checklist.

The holiday card: Five creative spins on the timeless tradition

Five creative ideas for your holiday cards to get out of a rut and make exciting, new traditions.

Best egg nog recipes from around the web

Our guide to the best egg nog recipes, including cooked egg, eggless and retro versions.

How to choose flowers for New Year's eve and make them last

Fresh flowers are a simple and elegant way to decorate your home for a New Year's celebration. Whether you choose from popular winter flowers or your own favorites, the trickiest part is making them last more than a few days.

Best holiday cookies for 2012

Are you tired of the same old holiday cookies? Chocolate chip cookies might be delicious, but they aren't different. Here are some fresh ideas for 2012!

The teetotaler's guide to the best non-alcoholic holiday drinks

Drinkers and non-drinkers alike can toast the holidays with a collection of the best non alcoholic drinks for New Years and even sugar free, non alcoholic drinks.

5 songs to put you both in the mood for love

Music, the universal language of love, can be used to help put you and your partner both in the mood for love. Here are 5 favorites to add to your hit list for romance.