Elkhart and Kosciusko Edition

Tiny town master builder

Larry Brown is a giant in his hometown. Since his retirement, he’s been on a regular building spree — in miniature.

Converting national debt to corn

The guys at the coffee shop came up with an idea. What if the national debt was converted to corn, with each kernel representing $1? How many semi tractor-trailers would it take to haul the debt?

Maurer enjoys rush of racing stock cars

Al Maurer, Goshen, stated since growing up so close to the New Paris Speedway he had always wanted to race.

Branson, MO, music and a 'Quacktastic day'

As I’ve often said, mini vacations are a favorite thing for the Seelys to do. Thus, with a few days off, we loaded suitcases in the trunk of the car and headed southwest to Branson, Mo.

Removing cataracts might protect your bones

Recently, a Johns Hopkins publication reported on a study that demonstrated that of a million Medicare beneficiaries who had cataracts, patients who had surgery to remove and replace them had a 16 percent to 23 percent lower hip fracture risk than those who had cataracts but who didn’t have the surgery.

Social Security questions answered

Social Security

Think about eating for your health

Eating healthy means you need to take a look at your own plate. Is half your plate vegetables and fruit?

Tornado phone app now available

American Red Cross has launched its official tornado App, putting lifesaving information right in the hands of people who live in, visit, or have loved ones in tornado-prone areas.

Local cyclist enjoys good 'grades'

It may come as a surprise to anyone who knows Robin Mitchell, Winona Lake, that there was once a time when he did not like riding his bike up hills.


Wish these readers a happy birthday this month!

Former librarian remains involved with kids

Spending 40 years of his life as a librarian didn’t come difficult to Rex Gleim. As the former Supervisor of Media Services for Elkhart Community Schools, Gleim has always been interested in serving those inside his community and aboard.

Pets and seniors make a good mix

Pets are great companions and offer endless amounts of love and affection, wet kisses and apparently better health. For older adults, pets can provide companionship, longevity and numerous health benefits.

Enjoying the beauty and a little history

Prince William Sound has deep water that doesn’t freeze in winter. It is hidden from the sea and clouds are almost always heavy.

On to Denali National Park

Our travels took us to the small town of Healy, Alaska, and the Motel Nord Haven on the Parks Highway. The town is called the gateway to Denali National Park and Preserve, a park originally established to protect large mammals. It covers six million acres and is home to Mt. McKinley.

Local 4-H leader: It's about the kids

While 4-H is typically for kids, adults who serve as leaders tend to enjoy it just as much.