Elkhart and Kosciusko Edition

Romancing the garden

There’s no form of food consumption more restorative and soul-stirring than consuming what’s been freshly harvested from your small garden plot or purchased from community farmer’s markets; the way our creator intended; still brimming with cosmic energy. Families feeding their clan from their sequestered vegetable plot squeeze pennies doing so.

Sudden cardiac death higher in men with slower electrical impulses

Men whose electrical impulses take a few milliseconds longer to travel through the lower chambers of the heart have an increased risk for sudden cardiac death, according to research reported in Circulation, an American Heart Association journal.

Baby boomers could face housing crunch

A new report from the Center for Housing Policy, “Housing an Aging Population – Are We Prepared?,” explores the effects of this coming demographic change on the demand for housing, the challenge of providing meaningful housing choices for older adults of all incomes, and the policies that could help communities across the country respond to the dual challenges of providing older adults with affordable housing and adequate services.

Summertime's the right time for electronic payments

When you are away from home, one thing you don’t want to worry about is how you will receive your next monthly Social Security payment. That is why it is important for everyone receiving Social Security or Supplemental Security Income benefits to sign up for electronic payments.

In search of Mt. Rainier

Mt. Rainier is 14,411 feet tall and receives about 643 inches of snow annually. In 2011, 907 inches fell. Mary said there are 27 glaciers and around 50 snow packs on the mountain. The park contains 235,625 acres.

Wasted youth: Charles Manson in Indiana

Born on Nov. 12, 1934 in Cincinnati, Ohio, Manson’s childhood was anything but ideal. Without stable family support, Manson turned to a life of crime, earning his own criminal record by the age of 10.

AARP Indiana encourages you to take charge of your health care decisions

Having a will is simply not enough when it comes to health care issues. Legal plans outlining specific guidance regarding your health plans are also needed.

Don't miss grandparents.com

Need ideas to keep your grandchildren entertained? Whether you are looking for fun outings, child-friendly recipes, travel tips, activities, advice or toy recommendations, grandparents.com is an online resource and social destination for America’s 70 million active, involved grandparents.

Years and dedication to music and Sacred Heart

As one of nine girls growing up in Detroit during the Great Depression, Sweeney believes she inherited her interest in music from her mother. She stated, “My mother sang. Also, the nuns told my mother I should take piano lessons.” She paid “50 cents an hour for lessons” by earning money tutoring other children on the piano.

Duke: Elkhart's unwanted soldier

Duke was now safely back in Elkhart, after serving some 16 months of sentry duty in the Army’s K-9 division. This 4-year-old yellow collie nobody wanted in 1943 would temporarily live with Hazel Davis....

84 year old man bikes his way to success

Last year, Carl Grove of Bristol won several races that enabled him to claim the unofficial title of “the fastest 80-year-old bicycle racer in the world.”

Whirled in to help tornado victims

As a Red Cross volunteer, Sherry Lantz was deployed from the Kosciusko County Red Cross office to assist those who lost loved ones and homes in the devastating tragedy.

A 'natural' leader

Since 1997 Luke Gascho has been in greener pastures — 1,189 acres of them, precisely. Gascho is the executive director of Merry Lea Learning Center, a natural sanctuary in Noble County owned by Goshen College.

A family farming tradition

Mike Nelson of Burket has been a farmer for 53 years, beginning in 1959, with his brother Jerry on the family farm. T

Waiting for an appointment not always doctor's fault

The average wait time to see a doctor for a scheduled appointment is reported to be 23 minutes, about eight minutes longer than the time allotted for the visit itself. Understandably, patients are fed up what they perceive it to be a lack of respect for their time.