Elkhart and Kosciusko Edition

Has my 'smeller' failed me?

If your favorite childhood aromas are still around, your taste buds are still intact, there’s somebody who bakes bread and cans peaches at your house and even fries potatoes — count your blessings! To most people all those pleasant things are just a memory.

Volleyball player turned to horseshoe pitching

Sharon Chiddister, 63, of Goshen, has played sports her entire life. Her father played horseshoes and wanted her to play, too, but with so many other activities, a high school-aged Chiddister only had so much free time, and pitching horse shoes was not something she cared to fill it with Yet somehow, 50 years later, Chiddister is the Indiana Women’s Champion for the Indiana Horseshoe Pitchers Association, and ranks 10th in the world as part of the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association.

Roasted veggies, an updated way to prepare

Nutritionists are constantly telling us we need to eat more vegetables. One way to prepare vegetables some people may enjoy is roasting. We think of doing it more in the fall of the year but the fact is you can roast vegetables year round.


Wish these people a very happy birthday this month!

Reseeding lawns is a hot post-drought topic

I have been busy with requests for information about re-seeding lawns killed by drought. Now is the best time to consider reseeding. Between now and Sept. 15 is the best time to reseed in our area.

Local author writes inspirational books

When J. Robert Boggs’ wife, who had Alzheimer’s disease, was in a nursing home, she asked her husband to lay with her in her small bed one night. Hesitant at first, Boggs finally said yes to his wife after she told him, “I’ll move over.” Thus, the idea for Boggs’ first book was born.

'Pulled in' to his hobby

When Ivory Snipes was a young boy he remembers pulling loads and baling hay on his grandparents’ farm in Kosciusko County. His family used many tractors when he was younger, tractors he now collects as a grown man. Snipes has five Farmall antique tractors he mainly uses for pulling and show purposes. He has been collecting older tractors for the past 12 years.

On the Iditarod trail

During our stay in Alaska, we found ourselves head over heels in the Iditarod. Our first outing was to the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race Headquarters where we visited the museum and viewed a video of the race.

Diagnosis and treatment options for men with osteoporosis

While osteoporosis is most commonly associated with post-menopausal women, about 20 percent of the 10 million Americans with osteoporosis are men who are at increased risk of disability or even death from the disorder.

Five scams targeting older victims

In a new report, the Internet Crime Complaint Center says it received nearly 315,000 fraud complaints in 2011, with the bad guys making off with $485 million. Analysis of victims’ ages suggests older people are particularly likely to fall for schemes in which the crooks claim to be government officials. Here are the top five:

Remember children and the elderly when it's hot

State health officials want to remind Hoosiers that even with cooler temperatures, heat can still be dangerous, even deadly. Heat kills more people than tornadoes, hurricanes and floods combined, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. It is the number one cause of weather-related fatalities, and in Indiana, from 2005 to 2009, 16 people died from heat.

Improve your community and make a diffeence by volunteering

Your local community is the center of all your activity — kids’ sports games, the coffee shop, farmers market and much more. You can give back to your community in a variety of ways — each one making a bigger difference than you could ever imagine. Sometimes just finding the right service opportunities can be the biggest challenge in getting started.

Spider mites thrive in hot, dry weather

Spider mites are an occasional pest of local crops and ornamentals. They are with us every year but are only important during hot, dry periods. Unfortunately, our weather has been perfect for their development.

A helping hand in PITT Road

Alve Shetler, Goshen, actively participates in Maple City Chapel’s automotive ministry called PITT Road, which provides a helping hand to those who cannot afford to fix their vehicles. Recommendations are received by the ministry from women’s shelters and family services as well as congregation members and other churches.

Grandma and the phone on the wall

Sometime in the 1930s or ‘40s, it must have been, Grandma was a part-time telephone operator in a little telephone exchange located at what was then called Pullman’s Corner at US 112 and Cassopolis Road in Cass County, Mich.