Elkhart and Kosciusko Edition

Fashion: stylish and eccentric seniors

“Respect your elders and let these ladies and gents teach you a thing or two about living life to the fullest,” writes Ari Seth Cohen, author of Advanced Style, who believes personal style advances with age.

Overeating associated with MCI?

If you have mild cognitive impairment, you may be aware your memory or mental function has “slipped.” And your family and close friends may also notice a change. But generally these changes aren’t severe enough to interfere with your day-to-day life and usual activities.

Has my 'smeller' failed me? part 2

Each month Senior Life will be printing a short story by Woodworth which relates to days gone by. This is the second of two parts on the chapter titled “Has my ‘smeller’ failed me” from the book “Growin’ Up Poor.”

Fall is in the air

I like living in northern Indiana where the seasons change and our locally grown food choices are also seasonal. It is the time of year many of us change what we are eating, how we prepare our food and what we wear. I

Running a lifelong passion

Despite his interest, Jerry Byrd, 71, of Warsaw, did not participate in track and field until he was 10 years out of high school and starting college at a branch campus of Ohio State.

Tofu and spinach, Mennonite cooking has changed

The very first Mennonite cookbook by all accounts appeared just a year before I was born in 1950. The foods we ate were quite simple and boring by today’s standards and I don’t recall my mother ever serving spinach, either cooked or fresh.


Those having friends who are senior citizens 65 years or older who will be celebrating birthdays or anniversaries soon may send their names and addresses to include them in the Cheers Report. Also, know people listed in this column? Then send them cards to remember them on their special day.

What are sugar alcohols?

People occasionally ask me about sugar alcohols. They have seen this term on a food label and are confused.

Concerns about browning evergreens

We’ve had numerous calls concerning the continued browning of evergreens in our area, especially arborvitae.

Group combines ministry, love of horses

When it comes to ministry, one local organization likes to "horse" around - literally. Members of the Northern Indiana chapter of Cowboys for Christ meet once a month.

Strategies for growing edibles later into the season

Don’t let fall or potentially frosty temperatures stop you from enjoying garden-fresh produce. Extend the nutritional value and homegrown flavor into your fall and early winter meals with the help of short season crops and season extending strategies.

Martin Buser and the Happy Trail Kennel

We were in Alaska to attend a Lions forum with plans for a three-day tour. One of the forum speakers was Martin Buser who became fascinated with sled dogs while a teen in Switzerland. He arrived in Alaska in 1979 to enhance his knowledge of care and training of sled dogs.

Switch now to electronic federal benefit payments

Do you get Social Security or other federal benefit payments by paper checks? If so, you are required by the U.S. Department of the Treasury to switch to an electronic payment method.

Yes, men do get bunions

Bunions (those swollen, painful bumps on the inside of the foot at the base of the big toe) are so closely associated in our minds with women and with fashionable but often ill-fitting shoes, that the question I was asked last week as to whether or not men even get bunions was not at all unreasonable.

Get Thrifty at 50 'Catch-up' with your retirement by putting catch-up contributions in your 401-(k)

When it comes to saving for retirement, too many folks have a lot of catching up to do.