Elkhart and Kosciusko Edition

Former teacher finds freedom being her own boss

“I don’t want to work for anybody now that I’ve worked for myself,” Julie Walters, partial owner of Time Out Trailers in Elkhart, stated.

Hot cocoa in the wintertime

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Each month Senior Life will be printing a short story by Woodworth, which relates to days gone by. This is the first of two parts on the chapter titled “Hot cocoa in the wintertime” from the book “Growin’ Up Poor.”)

Locals compete in indoor rowing

Kirts started rowing in July 2011 after his insurance, which offers the Silver Sneakers program, allowed him to get a free membership at the YMCA of Elkhart County.

Class reunion turns pilgrimage for Goshen grad

Uncomfortable or joyous, at their very best class reunions are a mixed bag of expectations and experiences. It’s not too often, however, the rite of passage is called a “spiritual journey.”

Scherenschnitte creates elaborate scenes

Remember cutting out paper snowflakes from folded paper? You were actually doing a form of scherenschnitte.

What is Buerger's disease?

Buerger’s disease is a rare condition of the arteries and veins wherein they become inflamed, swollen and clogged up with clots. This causes an interruption in circulation, damages or destroys the tissues and can lead to infection and gangrene, which then necessitates amputation.

Prevention and protection urged during record flu outbreak

Influenza activity continues to increase in the United States, with most of the country now experiencing high levels of influenza-like-illness, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention weekly flu report.

Couple retired and hobbies became their lives

Retirement for Phil and Jan Biehl has meant time to devote to hobbies. Both are avid practitioners of a particular hobby and support the other one in its pursuit.

Elkhart's 1930s softball remembered

A former Elkhart resident, Sharon Alm, fondly recalls the days of the 1930s softball teams.

The day we pitched horseshoes part 2

In my dad’s generation, virtually every able-bodied male enjoyed pitching horseshoes. Just as the younger boys had their games, the older boys and men had theirs.


Those having friends who are senior citizens 65 years or older who will be celebrating birthdays or anniversaries soon may send their names and addresses to include them in the Cheers Report. Also, know people listed in this column? Then send them cards to remember them on their special day.

Scoutmaster enjoys helping boys succeed

When Dick McCleary was a young boy, he fondly remembers being a Cub Scout and a Boy Scout.

Childhood interest engenders expansive collection

Ever since she was a little girl, Sylvia Rinehart of Goshen has had a soft spot for dolls.

Learning about Native Alaskans

Our three-day adventure outside of Anchorage began early Sunday morning as we joined seven other couples on a Premier Alaskan Tour bus.

A treatable distressing problem

“Overactive bladder” is the name of a distressing problem which, although it can become more troublesome as we grow older, is not a normal part of aging.