Elkhart and Kosciusko Edition

Sedona and the red rocks

On an outing to Chandle, Ariz., to visit two of Bud’s sisters and their families, we headed north, 120 miles, to Sedona with its unique red rock formations.

Cheers (October)

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A man for all seasons

What began as an “off the cuff” lark seven years ago has become a consistent year-round passion for Elkhart County resident Bruce A. Wells.

Waiting a lifetime to pubish a book

Sometimes, 70 years isn’t too long to wait.

Utilizing libraries to keep up with technology

Many seniors are turning to their local libraries to learn about, or in many cases stay current with, the latest and greatest electronic products.

Return to Branson

On our way to a three-day forum in Overland Park, Kan., we decided to take a detour to Branson, Mo., since it is only a little more than 200 miles from Overland Park.

Online dating for seniors

Using common sense and good judgment, online dating is an aid for anyone who finds it difficult in finding other singles.

Free liver from Terry's Meat Market

Each month Senior Life will be printing a short story by Woodworth that relates to days gone by. This is the first of two parts on the chapter titled “Free liver from Terry’s Meat Market” from the book “Growin’ Up Poor.

Meeting fellow alumni in Hamburg

Dennis and Pam Cory were happy to see people from home and showed us parts of Hamburg we had not seen on previous outings.

Making time to rejuvenate and energize

Since Mohsen Panah has started going to the gym he has experienced a difference in his performance at work.

Cheers - September

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Enjoying the view

Pilot Jim Holbrook describes flying as relaxing and peaceful. He said, “Being in the air, and the birds eye view, it’s amazing.”

A perfect fit as United Way president

After working in non-profits for 25 years, Bill Rieth knew that he wanted a job where he could continue to help the community.

A relationship like no other

Happy Grandparents Day!

Cheers - August

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